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What you need to know about lottery winning strategies

Many gamblers like to participate in lotteries. However, almost no one has the knowledge of how to increase their chances of success. Yes, there is a well-known stereotype that the more tickets you buy, the more likely you are to win. However, such an opinion is fundamentally flawed. The fact is that lottery organisers are not prepared to work at a loss either, making sure that the winnings are less than the total number of tickets purchased. So does that mean that you should only count on luck in lotteries? Not quite so. There are several strategies which have been proven to be effective.

Types of lotteries

All lotteries are divided into two types: passive and active. In the first of these, participants simply pull out a ticket on which it is written whether the player has won or lost. In this case, you can really only count on luck. In active lotteries have to choose, on which number to bet. At first glance, there is not much difference in actually choosing a number or pulling a ticket. But it is not.

The fact is that in all lotteries such as the Sportlotto the winning numbers are drawn at regular intervals. Some are more frequent, others less frequent. For each variant detailed statistics is already collected. If you compare several different lotteries, you will find that the graphs of the winning numbers and the probability of them falling out are practically the same everywhere. You can easily find all these charts of the different lotteries on the Internet, compare them and see for yourself.

Of course, you should not conclude that the same numbers fall out more often in all lotteries. But the periodicity of the winning numbers is subject to the same laws everywhere. If you compare the lottery charts, you will find that they are very similar to stock exchange price charts. From this you can conclude that you can use stock market analysis tools to analyze lottery statistics.

Lottery Varieties and Analysis

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is an analysis that helps identify the pattern of securities price movements. The researcher does not take into account any external factors that may have an impact on changes in the value of quotes. A technical analyst does not take into account board decisions or events relating to a particular company. He only studies the chart and does not do anything else.

In general, his task is to study the chart. On the basis of his findings he draws conclusions about further changes in the quotes and the advisability of buying or selling securities. This method is ideal for lottery participants, as they have no additional information other than statistics on the fall of certain numbers.

Fundamental analysis

More complicated than technical analysis, but also more effective. True, it is better suited to poker than to lotteries. The most experienced players keep dossiers on other players in the game, identify situations where opponents are bluffing, and much more. All this makes the game of poker not a simple lottery, in which whoever has the better cards wins. Fundamental analysis increases the chances of success. And that goes for some types of lotteries as well.