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The world’s most popular lotteries

Lotteries are now very popular all over the world. Every country has a large number of different lotteries and those who are new to the world of gambling entertainment find it difficult to know which ones are the best. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with the best lotteries first.

First place. La Primitiva

In first place is the Spanish lottery. Among those that exist now, it is considered to be one of the oldest. The first lottery draw was held back in 1736. Since then there have been many great prizes. The jackpot was a minimum of $1.5 million, and the biggest jackpot was won in 2009. Back then it reached a jackpot prize of €4.5 million. The lottery is open to all adult players from all countries. Winning the lottery involves guessing a six number combination.

Second place. Megabucks

A popular American lottery game. Statistically, one in fifty participants wins. The maximum win was obtained in 2004, when the winner received $40 million. However, 40% of this amount has to give the state.

Third place. Mega Millions

Another lottery from the U.S., which is distinguished by the record size of the payouts. In 2012, the winner took home a jackpot of $656 million. To win the lottery, you need to guess a combination of five numbers on the first ticket and guess one number out of 46 variations on the second ticket.

Top 6 Lotteries of the World

№4 Powerball

Once again, the American lottery. One in 38 entrants wins Powerball. In 2013, a US resident managed to hit a jackpot of 590 million roubles.

№5 Bingo

One of the most popular Russian lotteries. Of course, the prize pool is strongly inferior to the American counterparts, but you win here more often. In addition to cash prizes, the lottery draws flats and cars. The maximum size of the jackpot is 30 million roubles. The draw is held in several stages.

№6 Sportlotto

The lottery, which has been known since the days of the USSR, is played in two stages. The first involves guessing six numbers and the second involves guessing the maximum number of numbers. In order to win the jackpot of 10 million roubles, you must correctly guess 10 out of 10 in the second lottery.