New vid...

We made a fancy new video for the Lola One-Step (thanks to our pals Andy Rick and Ben Eisner). Hope you dig.

Hey - we're gearing up for summer, deciding when to go where and do what -- if you have any hot ideas, please share them! Thanks, happy last few months of winter!

New album out... Winter plans...

Got the album done!

We're playing an original score (well, an arrangement of songs) for the classic silent film The Black Pirate at the Pickford Cinema!

We're booking shows for spring/summer/fall/forever!

It's like that.

Album in the works...

Hey, we're starting work on our first album! Wish us luck. It will likely be a mix of in-studio recordings and a live track or two. We're also starting to book summer and late-summer shows, so let us know if you'd like to set something up. Happy spring from RTR!

Weekly gig at the Honeymoon!

Hey, want to know a secret? RTR will be playing at the Honeymoon every Thursday for three Thursdays, starting this very Thursday at 8 PM. No cover, as far as I know. See you there!

New Year's Eve with RTR

RTR played a New Year's Eve party... It was real nice. Witness the results of the photo booth:

Kids today.